About Us

In the early 1993, a simple sweet shop opened in Dubai with the ambition of offering homemade quality sweets to the neighboring surrounding. Fast forward 20 years later Firas Sweets is now one of the leading and innovating Arabic Oriental Sweet companies is covering all Dubai areas and keeping its traditional identity with professional operations.


Reasons of Success

- We use only the highest quality ingredients.

- We don’t use chemicals or add preservatives to our products.

- Continuous quality assurance and supervision, which helps to keep the standards of our products to the highest level. 


- We hire only competent employees who are proud to deliver the finest products. They are the best talented and professional employees in their field.


- A variety of products to cater for the needs of everybody and enhance the general taste.


Our Mission


We, at Firas Sweets, aim to maintain our leadership in the sweets industry and expand the pleasures of the dessert experience to all parts of the region. We will continue to satisfy even the most pretentious clients, set the standards even higher, and offer great-tasting experience, high quality and innovative products, which guarantee the ultimate satisfaction to your taste buds.


We are dedicated to create a pleasing and warm welcoming environment for our customers, whilst we continue to exceed their expectations, and strive to learn and adjust to their wishes.


Firas Sweets, has a dedicated sub- department for the provision of food safety throughout its supply chain. The food safety procedures are the key to consumer confidence; therefore, food safety and quality measures are strictly and consistently enforced in the company.

Dubai Arabic Oriental Sweets
Dubai Arabic Oriental Sweets